Dr Elizabeth Lee, Clinical Director of Purple House Clinic Nottingham, is urging men to prioritise their mental health as well as their physical health. Dr Lee emphasises the importance of breaking down stigmas and creating open communication channels for men to navigate mental health challenges.

“The leading cause of death in men under 50 in the UK isn’t heart disease, cancer or kidney disease. It’s suicide1. So, when we’re talking about men’s health, it’s incredibly important that mental health is in that conversation as well,” commented Dr Lee. “Mental health needs to be treated just as importantly as our physical health. One of the main barriers to men seeking support is the stigma that can be associated with mental health. We need to break down this stigma and encourage men to reach out for help if they’re struggling. Talking about our mental health is a sign of strength, not weakness. That applies to everyone as well, not just those that may be struggling. When we talk about our mental health, it encourages others to do the same.”

While mental health is complex and every individual is different, there are some common ways we can improve our mental wellbeing:

Knowledge is power

Firstly, it’s important to educate ourselves on mental health. Many of us will know that something doesn’t feel right but may not be sure why or how we’re feeling that way. By getting ourselves informed, we’re better equipped to face the challenge head-on. There are many resources available online such as healthy coping mechanisms and information on where to find professional support. Learning about mental health not only empowers us to manage our own wellbeing but also fosters empathy and understanding for those around us.

Seek support

Find a local support group. There are many groups in and around Nottingham that do a brilliant job of supporting those going through a challenging time. Nottingham Forest has a group called Tricky to Talk while Nottinghamshire Cricket has a group called Notts in Mind. In Sam’s Name is another fantastic support group in the area for men over 18. Connecting with friends, family, or support groups can provide emotional support, reduce feelings of isolation, and enhance your overall mental health. There are support groups up and down the country, so check what’s available in your local area.

Prioritise sleep, a healthy diet and exercise

Finally, getting a good night’s sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise can all help our mental wellbeing. Not getting enough quality sleep has been proven to negatively impact our mental health. What we eat and drink can also have a significant impact so try to include more protein, fruit and vegetables and healthy fats in your diet. Staying hydrated and reducing caffeine and alcohol intake will also help. Regular exercise helps reduce stress and releases endorphins that help boost our mood. Taking care of your physical health is a great way to support your mental wellbeing.


“The most crucial step men can take for their mental health is to reach out for help. This support can come from friends and family, a local GP, or mental health professionals like those at Purple House Clinic in Nottingham. Remember, you don’t have to face it alone; support is available.


“We’ve just had International Men’s Health Week, so it’s an ideal time for all men to reflect on their mental health. Each of us has the power to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Reach out to friends and family, initiate conversations about mental health, and truly listen and engage with their responses. Together, we can make a significant difference,” concluded Dr Lee.

For more information about Purple House Clinic Nottingham, visit www.purplehouseclinic.co.uk/psychologists-nottingham/ or call 0115 784 4578.


1 – Men urged to talk about mental health to prevent suicide, GOV.UK, 2022

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