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Who we are

The Purple House Clinic is a UK-based network of franchised psychological healthcare clinics. We offer a fantastic franchising opportunity for qualified mental health professionals to own, operate and grow their very own Purple House Clinic. Franchisees enjoy the satisfaction of building their own high quality service, free from the constraints of working within the NHS.

Our clinics provide a wide range of services including psychological therapy, neurodevelopmental assessments, educational psychology services, psychiatry and occupational therapy – delivered by expert, multi-disciplinary, clinical teams. Owning a Purple House Clinic, you’ll hit the ground running with all the know-how, systems, resources and support you’ll need to grow a substantial practice. 

When you take on a franchise, the foundations are already in place and there is a proven business model. So you don’t need to spend years developing services, administrative systems, HR procedures, marketing strategies and clinical governance frameworks. It’s all been done for you. So you can focus on recruiting your team and managing the delivery of your services. Open a private practice with the foundations already built, ready for growth.

How we help to build your Purple House Clinic

Becoming a franchisee means that you’ll make use of the experience and expertise you’ve gained through your professional career, whilst having the opportunity to experience new challenges and success in the field of business and private healthcare. The Purple House Clinic network has developed a range of services including protocol for the delivery of gold-standard diagnostic assessments. As a franchisee, this means that, with the right team in place, you’ll be able to provide a broad range of help to individuals and families quickly and with ease. Your clinic will help support countless people within your local community by enabling them to access timely, expert help.
You’ll benefit from being part of a network of clinics, learning from your fellow clinic owners and enjoying being part of the shared values and vision. We hold regular meetings, training sessions and a conference. We learn together; we dream together; we support each other.
We are there with you every step of the way, supporting you with:
Clinic operations – providing the blueprints for all the administrative systems and processes you’ll need to run the clinic, as well as extensive clinical governance protocols and troubleshooting support.
Business growth – providing you with regular business mentoring, helping you drill down your goals and identify your next steps.
Marketing – providing you with marketing tools, advice and strategy, as well as ready-made content for social media.
HR – providing you with all the resources, templates and know-how you’ll need for employing staff and recruiting subcontractors.

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Benefit from our standards, reputation and success

At the Purple House Clinic, we have always strived for excellence, and our operational systems and clinical governance has always been meticulously developed with that in mind. Owning a Purple House Clinic, you’ll get to enjoy the satisfaction of helping improve people’s psychological health, with the added reassurance that your clinic operations are underpinned by the highest standards.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Many of our referrals are word of mouth and clinicians will often approach our clinics enquiring about opportunities as they’ve heard how professional The Purple House Clinic is to work with. Our clinic owners have been thrilled to be granted service level contracts with various organisations, including the NHS – contracts which are often only granted after in-depth scrutiny.

Owning a Purple House Clinic, you will have the recipe for success, even before you open your doors. This means that you can supercharge the growth of your service and build a substantial clinical service with a large clinical team.

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Why own a Purple House Clinic franchise?

Training and on-going support

Clinic systems, processes and software ready to go

Expert guidance and business mentoring

Extensive marketing support

Clinical governance and HR frameworks in place

Peer support from other Purple House Clinic owners

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How it works

The franchisee application and joining process

Fact Finding

  • Register your interest – receive a link to a franchisee video.
  • Meet in brief – get an overview of The Purple House Clinic franchise opportunity and tell us about your own professional experience / career aspirations in a virtual meeting. If we both like what we’ll see, we’ll move to the next stage.

Get More Detail

  • Tell us more about you – complete our detailed Franchise Enquiry Form. We’ll review it and discuss the details with you.
  • Sign an NDA – so we can share more confidential business information with you.
  • Attend a Franchise Discovery Session – to find out more detailed information about the franchise opportunity and how the current franchisees are doing.

Diving Deep

  • Meet in person – come visit us in person, meet the franchise management team, and speak with us directly about operating a Purple House Clinic franchise.
  • Interview –let’s discuss your credentials and qualifications as a potential franchisee.

Getting Down To Business

If we are both happy to continue, we will:
  • Issue you with a summary of the key terms of a franchise agreement
  • Give you our Intent to Proceed Letter and have you sign it
  • Accept your franchise deposit
  • Discuss franchise territory or your potential location in principle
  • Take you up on your references
  • Wait for up to six weeks for you to complete your own business plan
  • Review your business plan
  • Wait for up to 4 weeks for you to apply for funding
  • Agree on timescales: we’ll start scheduling and planning for your franchise training and launch
  • Introduce you to franchisees and facilitate a visit to a clinic
  • Provide you with information about basic first steps towards setting up your business, including company formation, insurance and banking.

The Agreement

  • Agreement issued – we issue you with the Franchise Agreement.
  • Agreement reviewed – you review the agreement with a lawyer, approved by the British Franchising Association.
  • Operations Manual viewed – you’ll get the opportunity to view our franchisee Operations Manual virtually in order for you to be assured of the level of support and guidance provided

Training and Launch

  • Attend our training – our in-depth training programme usually takes place over 6 days. After it’s complete, you’re signed off and ready to start trading.
  • Launch marketing takes place – across social media, local advertising, SEO and online, as well as your clinic being launched on our website.
  • Scale-up yourself – with the ongoing support we provide for all of our franchisees.

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What to expect as a Purple House Clinic Franchisee


  • Exclusive Franchise Territory
  • 5-year Franchise Term
  • Rights to use The Purple House Clinic trading name and trademarks
  • The Purple House Clinic’s know-how, systems and processes
  • Purple House Tools

  • Clinic promoted on
  • Operations manuals
  • Franchisee intranet & marketing tools portal
  • Documents library
  • Access to Purple House approved software & suppliers
  • Training & Launch Support

  • In-depth training programme over 6 days
  • Support with launch marketing & PR
  • Guidance and mentoring for launch & and initial set-up
  • Ongoing support

  • Ongoing troubleshooting, support and advice from Head Office
  • Regular franchisee virtual meetings, information and training sessions
  • Business growth mentoring
  • Newsletters, online forum, lunch clubs and annual conference
  • Development projects regularly conducted at Head Office
  • Success Stories

    Dr Michelle Muniz

    The Purple House Clinic, Glasgow

    Dr Rachel Kemp

    The Purple House Clinic, Rugby

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