We didn’t really know what to expect when I took my teenage daughter to a Psychologist at Purple House. In the first session I sat in for a while until she was comfortable talking to the Psychologist alone. This didn’t take very long at all and very quickly these weekly sessions became a lifeline for my daughter. She looked forward to her time at Purple House and was taught simple but effective tools and techniques to help her rationalise and learn to deal with day to day life and all its issues. My daughter had been struggling with anxiety and very low self-esteem. By the end of her time at Purple House, she was more confident, able to talk more openly with me and armed with tools she had learnt to help her.

Parent of young client, 2018

I have been suffering from severe anxiety since I was around 12 years old. The decision to start psychological therapy was an extremely difficult one to make. When you suffer from such severe anxiety, it’s so crucial that you find a safe and comfortable environment and a therapist that makes you feel the same way. I can truly say that during my time with my Psychologist at Purple House I never felt unsafe, uncomfortable or judged. I left each session feeling as if a weight had been lifted and I could now understand myself a little better.

Young client, 2018

The Psychologist at Purple House suggested various interventions for our son which were implemented at home and at school. Following these changes, there has been a miraculous turnaround in his well-being. I can’t thank Purple House enough – our lives have been transformed!

Parent of young client, 2018

The Psychologist at Purple House was amazing. I felt safe with her from the very first session. She was supportive and professional and with her help I have been able to begin the journey back to truly living my life. She has changed my life in a very real way and I’m so proud of myself for making it as far as I did with her help. Thank you!

Adult client, 2018

Choosing to have therapy at Purple House provided a fundamental change in my life. I started therapy with intense feelings of shame, self hatred and a bucket load of insecurities which felt like they were consuming my mind. I left therapy feeling nearly whole again; I no longer hated myself and I could finally see so much light in my life. During the last 7 months, since my last session, I have truly felt like a new woman and this is thanks to the quality of the therapy I had. When faced with a tough day I have been able to replay the sessions in my mind to get me back on to the right track. I have had therapy a number of times over the last 12 years – private and NHS (I am 24 now) and I nearly lost hope in anyone being able to help me, so choosing to commit to therapy with Purple House felt like my last chance. I feel like me again, and a lot of that is down to the amazing service the clinician provided.

Client, 2018