Speech &
Language Therapy

* Available at our Glasgow & Rugby clinics * 

Speech &
Language Therapy

* Available at our Glasgow & Rugby clinics *

What can Speech and Language Therapy Help With?

Speech & Language therapy is focussed on supporting children with their speech, language and communication development. This includes help with the following skills:

  • listening and understanding;
  • using speech and language to communicate information;
  • making and maintaining friendships with other children.

We can work with the following difficulties:

  • Speech sound difficulties;
  • Language difficulties such as late first words, late joining words together, delayed use of grammar, delayed understanding of language;
  • disordered social communication skills and/or a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We can work directly with children, or with parents/carers to give them the skills and strategies to support their child’s communication in everyday situations.

What does an assessment involve?

First, we meet with families to find out what the concerns are and how these difficulties are impacting on everyday life.

We will then agree the next steps which may include more in-depth assessment of speech, language and communication skills, advice and support – or signposting to relevant support and information. During an assessment, the therapist will interact with the child, play with them and ask them questions. The therapist may show the child a selection of toys or pictures and ask questions about these. This will help the therapist to determine if he or she has speech, language or communication problems.

What happens following the assessment?

Following assessment, a report and advice will be provided and, if appropriate, therapy can be offered.

Therapy may involve the therapist working with children directly, with parents/carers and the child together, or solely with parents/carers. We can also link in with education and other agencies as required. Therapy activities will have set goals and may involve activities, toys and pictures that will vary according to the child’s age, stage of development and needs.

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