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Clinical Psychology Assessment


Who is This Type of Assessment For?

In some circumstances, psychological difficulties can entail a complicated interaction of emotional, interpersonal, behavioural, or cognitive/intellectual difficulties. For some people these difficulties are long-standing and / or very complex. It is often not known how to address the issues or what type of therapeutic approach might be helpful.

In these situations, we can help by providing a stand-alone clinical psychology assessment aimed at giving you clarity and understanding. Our in-depth assessments will help establish the specific nature and severity of the problems and to determine which interventions are likely to be be most beneficial.

Please note, these types of assessments are different from pre-therapy assessments, which are usually shorter in duration and do not usually result in a written report.


What Does This Type of Assessment Entail?

The nature and duration of the assessment will vary depending on the individual presentation and on whether the client is a child or an adult. Several different aspects of a person’s functioning are usually assessed, for example, emotional well-being, social functioning, behaviour, adaptive skills, personality and cognitive capabilities. 

Our highly trained Psychologists are skilled in using a combination of assessment techniques, including clinical interview, psychometric testing and (in the case of children) behavioural or play-based assessments.

In-depth clinical assessments will be usually carried out by one of our Clinical Psychologists (or one of our Forensic Psychologists who is experienced in working with general mental health).Our Psychologists will be sure to put the client at ease, provide encouragement and ensure that the client is not fatigued. Assessments usually take place over several sessions.

What Can I Expect Following An Assessment?

The information resulting from an assessment is analysed and interpreted to provide clients with a valuable psychological understanding of their difficulties; identifying, where relevant, the presence of any specific diagnosable condition/s. This is recorded within a written report which includes plans and recommendations for help. Where appropriate, we can provide follow-on therapy, support or guidance.

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