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During our professional training, we may have often regarded the NHS as the permanent home for our careers.

We fundamentally believe in the principles of the NHS and the ability for people to get help ‘free at the point of use’. However, the increasing reality is that we end up feeling burnt out, stressed and frustrated by the system around us. As clinicians, we’re driven to help people – and determined to make a difference.

But increasingly strict referral criteria, and limitations around treatment, have a profound impact on how we work. Limited opportunities for career progression demotivate us further still.

Working within private practice might not be the magic bullet, but it does provide clinicians with the opportunity to work differently – and in a way that directly meets the client’s needs. 

At the Purple House Clinic, our associate opportunities enable clinicians to transition to private practice with ease – working within our established clinics as part of our MDTs.

Enjoy working in private practice

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Throughout our UK-wide clinics we have large teams of associate clinicians from a range of professional backgrounds, including psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and speech and language therapy. Many of our associates have worked with us for several years and we pride ourselves on the positive feedback they give us day to day, as well as formally in our annual survey.  In our 2023 survey, 95% of associates said that Purple House is a great place to work. In particular they enjoy the flexibility being an associate offers, the support they receive, the rewarding nature of the work we do and working as part of a highly skilled team. Our associates will often talk about their private work at Purple House as being transformative to their careers and to their work-life balance. Many enquiries we get for associate work result from recommendations from our existing associates.

Working with us an Associate you can enjoy:
Rewarding work – Being able to work more flexibly and responsively with clients, building rewarding therapeutic relationships and creating meaningful lasting change.
Flexible working – Being in charge of the volume of work you undertake and structuring your working pattern to fit in with what works for you.
Professional growth – selecting from a wide range of referrals, choosing the type of work you want to do and developing new or existing specialist areas of interests.
Working as part of a team – establishing new professional relationships and working collaboratively with other clinicians.
Management and admin support – enabling you to focus on the clinical work without having to think about creating admin processes.
Comfortable working environment – clinic space that is pleasant to work in and provides a calm and relaxing space for your clients.

See inside one of our clinics


Opportunities available at our clinics in: Birmingham Edinburgh Glasgow Leicester Lincoln Nottingham Rugby

Our model, success and standards

The Purple House Clinic is a UK-wide network of clinics owned by individual (franchise) owners, operating as part of the Purple House brand. We are the only psychological healthcare company in the UK operating using this model. This provides you with the unique opportunity to gain the benefits of both working directly with a local Clinical Director in a dedicated real (not virtual!) clinic, whilst also being part of a larger organisation with refined operational systems.

We have an outstanding reputation. Our clinics have grown beyond all expectation, illustrating the enormous value they provide to local communities. Many of our referrals are word of mouth and we are frequently approached by local organisations who wish to work with us. The quality and integrity of our organisation has also been recognised by the UK franchising industry, with us gaining accreditation with the British Franchising Association and being finalist in a prestigious national award ceremony during 2022. 

We strive for excellence. In fact, this is one of our core values (see below!). We’ve spent a decade developing our administrative systems, clinical governance framework and business functions. So you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with all the support you need to work safely and successfully outside of the NHS.


Our values





Benefits of being an associate at the Purple House Clinic

A ready-made referral stream, matched to your interests/skills

Use of our high-quality clinic premises and assessment resources

Highly organised administrative and practice management systems

Work safely within the professional parameters of our clinical governance framework

Support from our administrative staff and Clinical Directors

Opportunity to work alongside other clinicians

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How it works

The associate application and joining process

Fact finding

  • Register your interest – complete our initial interest form on this webpage. We’ll review your information and confirm if we have any current opportunities that match with your expertise.
  • Meet with one of our Clinical Directors – if everything looks good, we’ll arrange to meet with you and you can tell us more about your professional experience / career aspirations. We’ll also tell you more about what being an associate involves, including the terms and remuneration. If we both like what we’ll see, we’ll move to the next stage.


  • Application form – you will be asked to complete our associate application form and provide us with certain documentation.
  • References – we will apply for your references.
  • Acceptance – we will review your application and references and confirm acceptance as an associate.

Joining us

  • Consultancy agreement – we will provide you with a consultancy agreement to review and sign.
  • Profile – we’ll ask you to provide a photo and a profile for our website.
  • Induction – we’ll ask you to attend the clinic for an induction where we will explain all the things you need to know about receiving referrals and delivering clinical work at the Purple House Clinic. We’ll also introduce you to our associate portal where you can find our policies and procedures and other guidance/ resources. We’ll give you a tour of the building and introduce you to members of the team.
  • You can begin! – you’re then ready to start receiving referrals and become a valued member of our multidisciplinary team.

Hear from some of our associates

Mireille Wallace

Lindsey Watson

Claire Lyons

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