Choosing to have therapy at Purple House provided a fundamental change in my life. I started therapy with intense feelings of shame, self hatred and a bucket load of insecurities which felt like they were consuming my mind. I left therapy feeling nearly whole again; I no longer hated myself and I could finally see so much light in my life. During the last 7 months, since my last session, I have truly felt like a new woman and this is thanks to the quality of the therapy I had. When faced with a tough day I have been able to replay the sessions in my mind to get me back on to the right track. I have had therapy a number of times over the last 12 years – private and NHS (I am 24 now) and I nearly lost hope in anyone being able to help me, so choosing to commit to therapy with Purple House felt like my last chance. I feel like me again, and a lot of that is down to the amazing service the clinician provided.

Client, 2018

The Purple House Clinic will remain open during national lockdown & regional restrictions.