Services for Children & Families

At each of our clinics, we have a team of Psychologists who specialise in working with children & adolescents, providing help for young people and their families. Our Psychologists are highly experienced and have specialist skills in working with the problems that present in this age group. They use age appropriate assessment tools/therapies and integrate creative techniques into their work, helping children feel connected with the issues and to feel at ease in the sessions. Our clinic rooms provide a comfortable and relaxed environment, often incorporating a child-friendly zone.

Difficulties We Can Help With

We can provide specialist assessments and therapies for a number of issues that present in childhood/adolescence, including:
Adjustment to Life EventsDivorce/Separation of ParentsPhobias
Adoption related difficulties (please click here)Dyslexia & DyscalculiaPost Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
AnxietyEating Difficulties (Young Children)Relationship Difficulties
Attachment Difficulties/ Developmental traumaEating DisordersSelf-Esteem Issues
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Emerging Personality DisordersSelf-Harm
Behavioural DifficultiesGrief or LossSleeping Difficulties
Challenging Behaviour (e.g. with learning disabilities)IQ testingStress
Cognitive Difficulties (e.g. memory, attention)Interpersonal DifficultiesSuicidal Feelings
Complex Trauma (e.g. relating to abuse)Learning DisabilitiesToileting Difficulties (Young Children)
Coping with Physical Health ProblemsObsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

*Please note, there is geographical variance in services offered.

How We Can Help

Psychology is the study of thinking, feeling and behaving. Our Psychologists aim to help problems in childhood/adolescence by first carrying out an assessment, examining the nature of the child's difficulties. They apply their scientific knowledge of the brain and human behaviour to the assessment information, and from this, establish a formulation and recommendations for how to help. The Psychologist will devise a plan of intervention which may include therapy, parenting help, or advice to professionals.

Psychological Assessment

In-depth psychological assessments and pre-therapy assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Assessments of: mental health difficulties, emotional/behavioural difficulties, challenging behaviour, autistic spectrum disorders, dyslexia, learning disabilities, interpersonal difficulties, complex trauma (including adopted children), neuropsychological/cognitive difficulties and IQ testing.

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Psychological Therapy

Psychological Therapy for children/adolescents and adults. Individual, couple, family and group therapy available. Approaches include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)Schema Therapy and Creative Therapies.

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Consultation & Support

Consultation and Support to the family members of a child or adult with difficulties, or to other professionals working to support that individual. We can provide formulation services, psycho-education, therapeutic parenting, behavioural support and other systemic interventions.

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What To Expect

The first appointment will usually comprise of some form of assessment. The Psychologist may request to use part of the session to meet with the parent/carer on their own. If appropriate, the Psychologist may also request to meet with the child alone for part of the session. In the case of very young children, it may not be appropriate for the child to attend the first appointment- please ask if you are unsure. Assessments vary in nature but may comprise of discussions, creative or play-based assessment with the child, questionnaires or tests. Our Psychologists are highly trained and experienced in working with children and families and will ensure that all clients, whatever age, feel comfortable and at ease. Child-focused therapy sessions often comprise a mixture of talking and creative techniques. Parenting sessions usually comprise a combination of talking about the difficulties and reviewing new concepts and ideas.

To find out more about our Children & Families Service, and whether we can help, please contact us at your nearest Purple House clinic.