Psychological Assessment

Psychological AssessmentPurple House provide in-depth psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults. In-depth psychological assessment is different from the, usually briefer, form of assessment involved at the start of therapy. In-depth psychological assessment aims to enhance understanding about several different aspects of a person including their emotional well-being, social functioning, behaviour, personality and cognitive capabilities. Usually these types of assessments are requested when a problem arises in a person’s life for which there is no clear explanation, for example, problems with mood, anxiety, behaviour or relationships.  Alternatively, there might be questions about the possible presence of a certain condition, such as autism, or the presence of cognitive/ neuropsychological difficulties.

An in-depth psychological assessment may include: clinical interviews, history-taking, reading of any relevant personal records or reports, psychometric testing, questionnaires, behavioural observations (in the case of children), and interviews with family members. From this, a more detailed understanding of the person's situation is achieved which can help the person or their family plan effective methods of help.

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