Psychological Assessment

At Purple House, we provide a range of  professional psychological assessments. Our highly trained Psychologists are skilled in using a combination of techniques to assess many different aspects of an individual's psychological well-being and functioning. We apply expert scientific knowledge about the brain and human behaviour to the assessment information, providing an invaluable insight into a person's functioning, together with plans and recommendations for help.

Our Assessments

We provide expert psychological assessments for adults and children, assessing a range of situations, including:
  • Mental health difficulties e.g. depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress
  • Emotional/behavioural difficulties
  • Personality or interpersonal difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour in persons with learning difficulties
  • Complex developmental trauma (e.g. Looked After/Adopted Children)
  • Neuropsychological (cognitive) difficulties
  • IQ / cognitive ability levels
Specific diagnostic services are also available for:
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disability
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia


Note: Some geographical variance applies.

What to Expect

An initial assessment session is usually 1.5 hours in duration. This type of assessment principally takes the form of a clinical interview. Sometimes clients are asked to complete a questionnaire, or (in the case of children) the Psychologist may use some drawing/play-based methods to help with the assessment. Towards the end of the session, the Psychologist will give their professional opinion regarding the nature of any difficulties and offer some recommendations for how they might be alleviated. In instances where difficulties are not too complex, this concise form of assessment will likely suffice.
In-depth assessments are required when there is a greater degree of complexity, or if a specific diagnostic question needs to be addressed. Several different aspects of a person's functioning are usually assessed, for example, emotional well-being, social functioning, behaviour, adaptive skills, personality and cognitive capabilities. They may include clinical interview, taking a developmental history, reading of any relevant personal records or reports, psychometric testing, questionnaires, and (in the case of children) behavioural or play-based assessments. These types of assessments usually take place over several sessions and are provided as part of an assessment package. The package includes a written report detailing assessment data, a clinical formulation and recommendations for intervention and support. Where relevant, further support and recommendations can also be provided to educational settings.


The cost will depend on the nature and breadth of the assessment required.
Please contact us for further information.