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The power of love bombing: reboot your child’s emotional well-being

A little while ago a colleague and close friend of mine told me that she’d just completed a ‘love bombing’ weekend with her 10 year old daughter. “A what?” I replied, wondering whether she’d been on some kind of new age camping trip. Of course it was nothing of the sort, and my bemusement soon…
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Weird Psychology? Eye Movement Therapy for Trauma

It was about 10 years ago when I first heard, in passing, of a new therapy for psychological trauma which sounded more than a little strange. As far as I could understand, the main principles were that you waggled your fingers in front of your client's face whilst they thought of their traumatic experiences, and…
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Love Step not Naughty Step: a New Year’s Resolution for Parents?

Highly popularised by certain TV shows, the ‘Naughty Step’, along with other sanction/reward techniques are commonly used parenting approaches. Based on Behaviourist principles, the idea is that behaviour which has bad consequences is unlikely to be repeated, whereas behaviour with good consequences will be reinforced. However, seemingly positive resolutions to behavioural difficulties may have unintended,…
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