Advice regarding your everyday activities (occupations)

Society has been advised to carry out social distancing due to Covid-19. The Government advice emphasises the importance of following this advice to maintain the safety of everyone. They also recognise that people may find it ‘boring or frustrating, that they may find their mood or feelings are affected, that they may feel low, worried, have problems sleeping and may miss being outside with other people’.


Many of the recommendations to help stay mentally and physically active during social distancing include, spending time doing things you enjoy, such as indoor hobbies and exercising at home.


Occupational Therapists recognise the benefits of engaging in activities (occupations) that you want or need to do to support your health and well-being. They recognise that everyday activities provide motivation, interest, a routine, connect us to others and keep our brains and body active. An Occupational Therapist at Purple House (Leicester or Loughborough branch) can discuss your preferred activities with you over the telephone. They can then send you a tailored list of suggestions of activities and strategies that could support you to manage this period of adjustment and disruption.


Sensory advice 

Many Parents across the country and the world face a period where usual routines and activities will be disrupted for their children, due to Covid-19. Most children will no longer be attending school, where the structured lessons and interaction from their friends occupies them, within class and play. Children can no longer engage in many of their after-school clubs and hobbies, where they can use their energy and socialise with their friends. This can all be a huge adjustment for children and as a result their behaviour could change.


As a Parent you may be thinking, how will I get through this period, entertaining my child within a limited environment and with limited resources in comparison to often enriching school and community environments?


A Sensory Integration Practitioner from Purple House (Leicester or Loughborough branch) can have a discussion with you over the telephone to gain an understanding of your child’s preferred activities. By considering the sensory element within these preferred activities, the Sensory Integration Practitioner can send you a tailored list of suggestions of activities and strategies that you could try with your child within your home and garden.


The Purple House Clinic will remain open during national lockdown & regional restrictions.