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We are experienced in offering consultancy training to various professionals including teachers, social workers and health workers.

Psychological intervention need not always involve working directly with a client. Our Psychologists can often effect change by liaising with professionals, providing them with a psychological understanding of the client and making recommendations for systemic changes in interpersonal interactions and/or changes to the environment.

Although our consultancy services are often focused on the needs of one particular client, we can also assist organisations with implementing change across part of, or the whole, organisation.

In addition to consultancy services, the Purple House Clinic also provides training, workshops and lectures to a range of organisations (e.g. education, health, social care) on subjects related to mental health and other aspects of psychology. We cover a wide range of topics and can offer a wealth of expertise. All of our training is tailored to the requirements of the organisation.

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Workshops & lectures

All of our training is tailored to the requirements of your organisation.
Examples of training, workshops or lectures that we can provide are (scroll sideways to view on mobile):

To find out more about our services for adults, and whether we can help, please contact us at your nearest Purple House clinic.


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The Psychologist at Purple House suggested various interventions for our son which were implemented at home and at school. Following these changes, there has been a miraculous turnaround in his well-being. I can’t thank Purple House enough – our lives have been transformed!

Parent of young child

The Psychologist at Purple House was amazing. I felt safe with her from the very first session. She was supportive and professional and with her help I have been able to begin the journey back to truly living my life. She has changed my life in a very real way and I’m so proud of myself for making it as far as I did with her help. Thank you!

Adult Client

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